Forklift in a warehouse

A Forklift Just Ran into the Warehouse Door. What Can We Do to Fix It?

Forklifts account for 1% of all warehouse accidents, and these can easily be prevented. However, inadequate safety precautions, failure to follow warehouse protocol, and negligence or distraction can quickly lead to forklift accidents – doing significant damage in little more than a heartbeat. One of the most common sites for forklift accidents is warehouse doors, as drivers frequently fail to allow adequate time for doors to open, or collide with the doors or other objects while traveling through. If your forklift has run into the warehouse door, you need to assess what happened, evaluate the damage and apply an appropriate fix as soon as possible.

How Did the Accident Happen?

Assessing the factors that went into causing the accident can help to both find the right fix, as well as work towards protocols that prevent the accident recurring in the future. In the majority of cases, forklifts run into warehouse doors because drivers underestimate the clearance needed to pass through partially open warehouse doors, or they are unaware of their surroundings and accidentally bump into the closed door or side of the door while maneuvering. Less often, a driver may lose control of a forklift and run into the warehouse door at a higher speed, causing even more substantial damage. Looking at how the accident happened can help to assess the damage and also prevent the accident happening again.

What’s the Damage?

If a forklift runs into the bottom part of a partially open warehouse door, it may pull the door off the tracks, as well as cause other damage such as dents or scratches. If the door is pulled away, damage may also be sustained to the chain, spring or motor, depending on the construction of the warehouse door. If the warehouse door has only been lightly bumped, the door may be dented or warped, or just aesthetically damaged. This will also need to be addressed to prevent the potential of the door popping of the tracks, or subsequent rust and internal damage to the door.

If a forklift has gone through a warehouse door at high speed, the door may be permanently damaged or even ripped off. This could leave you with no security or protection for your warehouse until the door is repaired.

Worker open a garage door during installation

What to Do to Fix the Warehouse Door

What you need to do to fix the warehouse door depends on the damage you’ve sustained.

Light Damage, Door Functions

You might not need urgent repairs, but consider patching up any dents or scratches. An inspection from an experienced commercial door professional may be warranted as even minor damage can compromise your door’s security or lead to rust.

The door is Partially Damaged/Pulled Off Tracks

You will probably need the assistance of a commercial door professional to help you assess the full extent of the damage and restore full function and security to your warehouse door.

Door Completely Pulled Down/Heavy Damage

With such extensive damage, complete commercial door replacement may be warranted to restore your warehouse door to safe and effective function. Call your local commercial door company for assistance in installing a new warehouse door.

When an accident happens, it’s essential to act fast for damage control and to preserve your business. If a forklift has run into your warehouse door, call Frontier Pacific as soon as possible for expert advice and rapid assistance to get your warehouse doors secure and intact again.