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Can I Replace a Section of My Commercial Overhead Door or Do I Need to Replace the Whole Thing?

Commercial overhead doors are often designed in sections. At times, these are built with sections that separate, allowing the door to roll up overhead easily. If just one part of your overhead door gets damaged, it would make sense to replace only the damaged section, rather than replace the whole door. Such a repair would save time, money, and interruption to your business. But can a single section be replaced on an overhead commercial door?

Is It Possible to Replace Single Commercial Door Panels?

With the help of an expert commercial door company, you can often replace just one section of your commercial door rather than replacing the entire door. The key is an expert analysis of the cause and extent of damage to ascertain whether repair is viable and safe.

In the course of commercial work, it’s all too easy to bump and damage one section of your commercial door. Perhaps you’ve had an accident or a break-in and your door has been compromised, but only one part is significantly damaged. While replacing just a single section of your door can be cost-effective, it may not always prolong the life of your doors or keep your business safe. This is why inspection and asses.sment of the cause of damage are essential.

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When Can a Commercial Door Section Be Repaired?

It may be possible to repair just one section of your commercial door if it has merely sustained some minor cosmetic damage, localized dents, small surface rust, or small holes. If a professional inspection reveals that your commercial door is still secure and functional, it is safe to replace just one section of the door. This is a great solution to help you save money on complete commercial door replacement.

When Should the Entire Commercial Door Be Replaced?

There are cases when the entire commercial door replacement is necessary for the security and safety of your business. This is true even if it appears that only one section of your door is damaged.


If there has been vandalism or a break-in at your business, the essential security features of your commercial doors may have been compromised. Even if the damage is only evident in one section of the door, there may be damage that is difficult to see in the core or edges of your doors.

The force required to gain entry through a door can often permanently damage it. It may be necessary to completely replace your commercial doors in the event of a break-in, particularly if it’s necessary to upgrade to higher security. Only a trained commercial door professional will be able to tell you whether your commercial doors are still structurally sound and capable of being repaired, or if they should be replaced.

Heavy Damage

The same is true in the event of substantial damage to commercial doors. If a truck, car or trolley has slammed into your commercial doors, they may need replacement or repair.

Core or Edges Compromised

While small patches of surface rust can be dealt with in one section, an inspection may reveal that the center of the door has rusted or the issue has spread to neighboring panels. In this case, the entire door should be replaced.

You may be able to save time and money by repairing one damaged section of your commercial doors, but it’s essential to ensure that restoring your door will maintain its security and integrity. Talk to your local commercial door company for professional advice and inspections to help you make the right choice for your damaged commercial door.