Can a Rusty Commercial Door Still Be Repaired

Can a Rusty Commercial Door Still Be Repaired?

Commercial and industrial doors go through a lot everyday. It might be factory equipment crashing through a steel door or an employee wedging a broom handle between the frame and door to keep it open. No matter the situation, commercial doors often have a tough life.

One of the main problems that plague commercial doors is rust or corrosion. Purchasing new doors can put a huge dent in a company’s budget, but fortunately in some cases, commercial door repair can be done, rather than having the current door replaced each time.

So don’t wait until your doors are already in bad shape–learn how to maintain them so they will stand the test of time. Below are a few tips:

Keep the torsion springs oiled regularly.

Commercial doors have springs that need to be oiled on a regular basis. Lightweight motor oil can be thinly applied across the top part of the springs, leaving two to three inches on both ends clear. Extension springs, on the other hand, no longer need oil – so take note.

Remember to oil the torsion springs in your commercial doors at least once a year to prevent rust.

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Apply lubricant to the track’s curved parts.

Rusty Commercial Door Make it a point to apply lubricant (not grease!) to the curved areas of the track; these areas are also called the tracks’ radius sections. When kept lubricated, they ensure that wheels and rollers will always perform smoothly.

So why is using grease not advised? It will actually have the opposite effect. Grease works like a magnet that attracts dirt and dust, which could lead to clogging in the track. It can also get stuck to your commercial door’s moving parts. So remember to only use lubricants, and to apply them at least once every six months.

Wash your commercial doors.

Washing the outside of your door with soap and water helps prevent erosion. Commercial doors are often exposed to natural elements, which means they’re at risk of having a buildup of corrosive substances that could make its way to the small cracks of the door. In fact, even a quick rinse will do wonders in keeping your door free from rust.

Wash your doors once in a while to prevent them from severe build-up.

What if Commercial Door Repair is Not Enough?

Rust usually begins inside the door. This means if you notice rust forming on the door’s exterior, it’s possible that the core has already been compromised. So yes – there are instances when commercial door repair is not enough and a replacement is necessary.

If your door has been completely damaged by rust, consider purchasing a replacement that’s galvanneal-coated. This type of coating on modern commercial doors is applied to the inside and outside of the door, which significantly increases the lifespan of the door and prevents rust intrusion.

Commercial Door Maintenance

Keeping your commercial door in good condition is crucial to your business. A well-functioning, secure door increases the safety of your business and provides convenience for everyone in your facility–making it a worthwhile investment. Consider commercial door repair and maintenance to ensure your business’s doors will last for a long time.

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