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What to Look for in a Commercial Overhead Door Installer

Are you planning an important overhead commercial door installation but you’re still looking for the best door installer in town? This article is for you!

Whether you need commercial door curtains or solid insulated warehouse doors installed, it’s important to hire a professional door installer who has the experience to get the job done right. The wrong person will not only burn holes in your pockets but can also cause damage to your commercial space. With that in mind, we are sharing a few tips for hiring the best commercial door installers in your area.

Commercial Overhead Door Installer Checklist

No matter how great their ads are or how much they promote themselves, some companies fail to live up to their marketing promises. This is more likely to be an issue when you need highly specialized, technical services, as is the case with an overhead commercial door installation.

To select the best installer, and certainly to avoid the incompetent ones, here are the top 3 things to keep in mind:

Ask About Their Experience

Commercial door installation is a specialized job. This kind of work can’t be handled by a DIY novice, or even someone who is generally pretty handy. So, the first thing you should look for in a commercial overhead door installer is experience.

Be sure to ask how long they’ve worked in the industry and what sort of training they went through. If you hand over the door installation job to someone without the right experience, there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed with the quality of their work. You may even need to pay someone else to fix the problem.

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Ask for Referrals

Another important thing to consider when selecting commercial door installers is their reputation with past clients. Ask for three to five referrals and give them a call to learn more. Ask past clients if they’re satisfied with the service they received. In case of post-installation problems, you can ask if the company offered solutions. Another option is to review online testimonials. Thanks to the Internet, it’s much easier to find out more about a company than it was twenty years ago.

Do a Background Check

When selecting a commercial door installer, always check their background and verify all their details. Make sure to have a look at the following:

  • Physical Address: A reputable door installer will list the company’s physical address online. So, use services like Google Street View or Google Maps to make sure the address is real and searchable.
  • Online Reputation: Read some reviews of the commercial door installer you’ve chosen and make sure the reviews are real. If there are more negative reviews or low ratings on most platforms, look for another professional. Make sure that the installer has a clean work record. Check if there’s a history of disputes with previous clients.
  • Insurance: It’s important to make sure that anyone you hire has insurance. Otherwise, you’re actually liable for damages or injuries that happen on your commercial property. Don’t take this risk.

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Hire the Right Professional

These tips will help you choose the best commercial door installer in your area. Follow these steps to make an informed decision. Do you have other questions? Frontier Pacific is here to help. Our commercial doors and dock leveler specialists are ready to assist you. Call us at (510) 935-0086 for more information!