3 Common Commercial Overhead Door Locks

3 Common Commercial Overhead Door Locks

What comes to mind when you hear the words business security? You may think of motion detectors, alarm systems, and high-tech cameras, as well as other modern equipment. But did you know that all of these tools are just additions to commercial overhead door locks?

Solid, overhead doors are the best way to secure your business. They are the first line of defense when it comes to preventing potential intruders from being able to access your facility. To reinforce your overhead doors, you can use commercial locks. When properly chosen to fit your needs, they can be a lifesaver. There are three kinds of common commercial overhead door locks. Let’s take a closer look at common overhead commercial door locks.

Keypad Or Keyless Door Locks

A keyless door lock for your overhead commercial door can be opened with a passcode that’s entered on a keypad. The good thing is that this kind of lock is simple and easy to use. With a keyless door lock, you have complete control over who can enter your building and when. Most models of keyless entry locks can be specifically programmed to keep your doors unlocked whenever necessary, and contemporary keyless door locks are outfitted with the latest security features.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic locks use an electrical current to lock and unlock the door. There are two main types of electronic door locks: fail secure or fail safe. The main difference is the way their circuitry affects the lock movements. Fail safe locks are unlocked when power is lost. Fail secure locks remain locked even when power is not retained. This is an excellent option for keeping your overhead commercial doors safe and secure.

Hardware Locks

Hardware locks are a classic style of lock. Metal hardware physically prevents your commercial overhead doors from being opened, protecting your business from the outside world. With a hardware lock, you can choose a padlock or other securing mechanism to keep your overhead commercial door secure. When you’re ready to open it, simply unlock the padlock with a key or code, and you’re ready to go!

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