Do I Need Security Grilles for My Business

Do I Need Security Grilles for My Business?

Commercial doors are one of the greatest investments you could ever make for your business. That’s why one of the best ways to make the most out of your investment is by installing security grilles.

A security grille is made up of steel bars that can be installed behind or in front of doors, windows, and other building openings. These bars are typically impenetrable to the usual thieves and intruders. For instance, if you have glass commercial doors, they can be easily shattered with a hard object. A glass door covered by steel bars, on the other hand, are a greater challenge and will work great at keeping criminals from even trying to enter your building.

Why Your Commercial Doors Need Security Grilles

Here are a few other benefits you can enjoy from security grilles:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Security grilles are often preferred by most businesses compared to perforated shutters. Because they let more light in, your place of business will be more inviting to interested shoppers. These bars do little to affect the overall façade of any building they are installed on.

Additionally, security grilles protect you from vandals. They are far less appealing to graffiti artists. Due to their design, people who want to deface your property will have a hard time reaching the walls or doors behind the grille.

Protects Your Property

Do I Need Security Grilles for My Business1 With security grilles in place, thieves or burglars cannot enter your property. They are an excellent way to show any potential intruder that you have put a lot of thought into safeguarding your business.

Normally, a thief would want to make the burglary as quick and quiet as possible. However, when you have security grilles, their attempt to break in would be much more complicated.


Considering the multiple benefits security grilles bring, they are surprisingly a cost-effective option. Grilles are manually operated which means you won’t have to deal with complex mechanisms that cost a lot when a repair is required. You also don’t need to worry about regular maintenance because unlike the usual shutters, grilles do not require too much maintenance.

If you’re looking for a permanent installation for your commercial doors, security grilles work well because they stand the test of time.

Helps You Save on Insurance

Security grilles allow you to reduce the insurance premiums you need to pay. By installing them, you are giving the impression that you are serious about ensuring the safety of your business. This is a plus for insurance companies.

You also save on insurance costs when you don’t need to make a claim. You file a claim when you are the victim of a crime, such as a break in. A claim or two can definitely lead to a spike in your premiums – but this can be avoided by installing a security grille.

Burglary is one of the primary concerns for any type of business out there. Aside from taking a toll on your finances, it can be devastating to you and the business itself. Here at Frontier Pacific, we are committed to improving the overall security of your property. Consider security grilles for your commercial doors today—contact us for any inquiries on how you can keep your business safe from intruders.