Garage Door Repair Tips 5 Common Problems and Quick Fixes

Garage Door Repair Tips: 5 Common Problems and Quick Fixes

Garage doors and overhead doors can break down or malfunction at the most inconvenient times. For businesses, it’s especially problematic as garage doors play a major role in the day-to-day operations and security of your organization. Any problem in an overhead door can decrease efficiency and worse, temporarily halt your entire workflow.

To keep your business running on schedule, garage door repair and maintenance should be regularly observed.

Are you experiencing problems with your garage door? Check out these 5 common garage door problems, along with easy-to-do tips to solve them.


Rust is formed when iron is exposed to moisture and air for a long time. Apart from damaging the overall look of your garage door, rust compromises the ability of your door to lock out any external elements.

To avoid this, just clean the surface with dishwashing soap and rub a cloth soaked in vinegar to the affected part. After that, you can sand the rusted surface. If you don’t have the time, you might be able to request this additional cleaning from your maintenance crew. However, the best alternative is still to subscribe to a professional cleaning and maintenance service annually. This can help you avoid costly garage door repair further down the line.


Garage Door Repair Tips 5 Common Problems and Quick Fixes1

Different sounds mean different issues. If your building’s garage door makes scraping sounds, you may have a frayed cable. Do you hear grinding noises? Then it might be caused by dirt or debris. You can solve this by using a gentle cleaning substance to remove any build up. For any squeaking sound, it may be a sign that you need to lubricate bearings or rollers. Ask someone to purchase oil made specifically for garage doors or heavy-duty external doors. Hopefully, that should do the trick.


Uneven movement in your garage door is a good indication that something’s wrong. There may be something that’s blocking the tracks, so call up your maintenance crew and see if they can find out what’s causing the hold-up. If there’s an obstruction that can be removed, have them do it and see if that fixes the problem. Also ask them to wipe away any visible build-up of rust and grime especially the part closest to the wheels.

If this doesn’t fix it, call off the maintenance crew and call in professionals experienced in commercial garage door repair.


Cracks will often appear in doors as they age. To keep wooden doors from getting worse, you can caulk the cracks by using a waterproof sealant or filler for a quick garage door repair. The purpose of weather sealants for wooden doors is to reduce street noise and keep water out of your garage. However, if cracks appear in steel or aluminum doors, those are a little harder to seal up. It would be better to call a professional in this case rather than risk worsening the problem.

Don’t wait until your overhead door or garage door suddenly stops working before you consider investing in regular maintenance, or else you’re looking at constant calls for garage door repair. Professionals have the right training to spot any underlying problems with your commercial garage door and they can help you solve them safely. Having experts do the job also gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll avoid bigger issues down the road.

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