High Speed Roll Up Doors

Why Do You Need High-Speed Roll Up Doors for a Parking Garage?

Commercial doors are an essential part of any commercial business. They offer functions and services that cannot be matched. When it comes to parking garages, it’s especially important to have reliable, functional, and quick-acting doors for exit and entry. In a parking garage, especially, a roll up or rolling commercial door is likely the best way to go. Here’s why…


One great thing about commercial roll up doors is that they are sturdy and strong. Made out of metal, they’re sure to keep your parking garage safe and secure. Any given parking garage likely contains millions of dollars worth of cars and personal possessions. Vehicle and property owners trust that their belongings will remain protected while parked in a garage. Roll up parking garage doors help to ensure that items in the garage remain safe while they’re unattended. They also protect against harsh weather conditions that could harm vehicles or other items within the garage. With a commercial roll up door, snow, sleet, and ice will stay on the outside of the garage, leaving vehicles clean and dry.


Our commercial roll up doors are fully fireproof. This means that they prevent fire from passing through and reaching valuable property. The threat of fire is a major potential hazard for business owners. If you own or manage a parking garage, you know that your main priority is keeping the vehicles on your property safe and secure. Fire can be devastating to a parking garage because it has the potential to ruin all vehicles and possessions. But a fire door can minimize this risk, offering you and your customers peace of mind.


Our parking garage roll up doors are reliable and low maintenance. You can rely on them to work for you day in and day out for years to come. With something like a parking garage, your commercial rolling door will likely open and close repeatedly. With our high-quality roll up doors, you won’t have to worry about rust, snags, or malfunctioning parts.


Because we offer custom-fitted, fireproof parking garage roll up doors, your commercial doors can be made to order. No matter the size of your garage door opening, our technicians always ensure a perfect fit.


Space often comes at a premium. Especially in the case of a parking garage, space equals money. The more space that’s available for vehicles, the greater your potential earnings. When valuable space is being underutilized, this can affect your earnings. To make the most of your space, you need efficient appliances and hardware. A roll up door is extremely space-efficient and saves valuable square footage. This way, you can use your space as efficiently as possible.

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