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Overhead Commercial Door Repair For Broken Springs

The garage doors of your business are vulnerable to wear and tear due to frequent use. Some parts, like the springs, are more crucial for your garage door’s operation and help it work smoothly. Unfortunately, you’ll notice that broken springs are one of the garage door parts that tend to break down, become damaged, or suffer from general wear and tear over time. This is because they play an important role and a lot of stress is placed on them.

If they become damaged, it can also affect your tracks. The door will not open properly, struggling to function as it rolls up, and manually attempting to open it will be impossible. If you notice that the springs are broken, you need to stop using the garage door immediately. Here’s an overhead commercial door repair guide that can help you.

Signs That Your Garage Door Has Broken Springs

Are you clueless about whether or not your door springs are still working or not? Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • The cables are loose: Once the spring breaks, the cables will start dangling and this requires immediate repair.
  • The door feels heavier than usual: The springs support the overhead door’s weight, so once you notice it feels heavier than usual, it’s likely that the springs are broken.
  • You can’t open the door all the way: You may only be able to open the door around six inches.
  • Problems in the balance: If you noticed that the garage door is crooked, it’s probably stuck on the tracks.
  • You notice a gap: When the spring breaks, you will see a gap in the surface.
  • The door falls quickly: Since the spring is in charge of supporting the overhead door’s weight, when it breaks it causes the door to fall faster than usual.

Can You Repair Your Overhead Door by Yourself?

You need to stop using the overhead door immediately after you notice that the springs are broken, or you could end up paying more money. The springs support the door’s entire weight and are under heavy pressure, making it dangerous to try to repair the springs yourself. The best thing to do is close the garage door with the opener, and hire technicians for immediate repair.

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What Can Technicians Do to Fix the Broken Springs?

After performing a safety inspection on the broken springs, the technicians will most likely recommend that you replace them. That may be the best choice to ensure your overhead door functions properly and is in balance. They will install the right springs (depending on your specific type of commercial overhead door) and make sure they work properly. It may sound simple, but this isn’t a job you can safely handle on your own, so leave it to the professionals.

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