Top 5 Commercial Door Parts Which Require Periodic Replacement

Top 5 Commercial Door Parts Which Require Periodic Replacement

Doors of commercial establishments are typically subjected to lots of strain and stress, especially if the business is doing well. That’s why these commercial doors should be built with parts that can handle varying levels of stress every day.

Instead of always reacting to the needs and calling for commercial door repairs, it’s better to keep your doors well-maintained. One way to take better care of your commercial doors is by knowing the parts that require periodic replacement and utilizing a planned maintenance program. Below are some examples of such parts:


Special cables are used on commercial doors so that they can move up and down while holding the weight of the door itself. The more you use the door, the more stressed these cables get. Over time, the cables have potential to wear out.

You need to have them checked regularly to see if they are still working as they should. Once you see signs of wear, fraying or other damage replace the cables ASAP.

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Door springs lessen the force or weight of commercial doors that go up and down. As these doors could move hundreds of times daily, these springs would weaken over time. Metal fatigue might occur and make these springs snap unexpectedly.

Once you start to see signs that the springs are struggling to support the weight of the door, consider adjusting or replacing them – with a professional’s help. Have the springs checked and serviced at least once a year to see whether they have issues or not, so you can prevent accidents.


Top 5 Commercial Door Parts Which Require Periodic Replacement1 Speaking of rollers, commercial doors have rollers that allow them to run on the tracks smoothly. The rollers also carry the door’s weight, so they are subjected to high levels of stress and strain.

Be sure to check the rollers regularly and see if they have no damage. Any deformities should be reported to a commercial door repair expert who can help you replace to avoid accidents.

Hinges and Bolts

Hinges and bolts are responsible for holding the sections and other parts together. These parts also carry the whole weight of the door.

The heavy weight of commercial doors being closed and opened daily will eventually put a serious strain on bolts and hinges. That’s why you need strong and durable hinges and bolts. It’s also important to inspect these parts periodically to make sure they remain in good working condition for years to come.


Track works by guiding the rollers as they run through the door cycle. When the tracks are straight, the rollers will have no issue in moving through the entire length of the door opening. But if the track gets bent, the commercial door will have trouble or not run this whole length.

Tracks are usually deformed when they are knocked out of place accidentally by vehicles, forklifts or other equipment. If they get bent out of shape, ask a professional for commercial door repair.

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