The Ultimate Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance Checklist for Fall

The Ultimate Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance Checklist for Fall

When you’re a business owner in Livermore, CA, you fully depend on your commercial doors on a daily basis. Properly functioning commercial garage doors are necessary for conducting your daily activities. Thus, to make sure yours are in excellent working condition, commercial door repair and maintenance are necessary.

After all, commercial doors are there to protect your business assets and other valuable belongings from theft and damaging weather conditions. Additionally, they keep your workers and customers safe from potential harm and maintain energy efficiency in your property.

In between annual maintenance visits, site managers and employees can perform visual inspections and basic tests that can identify potential issues with your garage door. Every month or two, you should perform the following commercial garage door maintenance:

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Fall is the most ideal time to deal with major repair projects. This period takes place before shorter days and snow – both of which make different kinds of outdoor work more difficult.

Preventative maintenance mainly focuses on keeping your commercial roll up doors in peak condition all-year-round. This is a much better approach as opposed to waiting for a problem to come up before responding with the necessary commercial door repair.

Among other crucial steps, commercial door maintenance includes:

1. Examining Door Balance and Track Alignment

The Ultimate Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance Checklist for Fall1 If your commercial door and its tracks are not correctly aligned or balanced, it will not open properly. This improper way of opening will result in issues in all other major parts of your system over time.

When checking, disconnect the door from its opener. Raise the door halfway up the track–a properly balanced door will stay in place. Meanwhile, unbalanced doors will either crash down quickly or snap open.

2. Routine Visual Inspections

Close the garage doors and search for possible signs of problems in the mechanisms. Look at the hangers, rollers, springs, and cables of the doors. Check for corrosion and other sins of excessive wear and tear.

3. Cleaning Photo Eyes Safety Feature

Clear out any debris from the photo eyes. The functionality of this safety feature can be tested by closing the commercial door and using a broomstick to obstruct the photo beam. You’ll know it’s working fine when the door raises once the beam is interrupted.

4. Checking Reversing Mechanism

Door manufacturers install reversing mechanisms as a safety feature. You can test this by putting a piece of wood at the door’s bottom part. Use an automatic opener to close the commercial door. The door should automatically open once it hits the surface of the wood. If it doesn’t, that’s a sign that you should schedule commercial door repair as soon as possible.

5. Lubricating All Moving Components

All moving parts of your commercial door should be lubricated as needed to prevent corrosion and wear. Regardless of the material, rollers should be inspected semi-annually and replaced at least every seven years. Chips, cracks, or excessive wear are signs that you need to replace the rollers ASAP.

Need Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance in Livermore, CA?

Your commercial door needs–whether it’s repair or regular maintenance to preserve the good condition of your doors–should only be handled by an expert. Professionals have the right tools and equipment to make sure your commercial doors will remain durable and reliable all year-round.

Do your research to know more about the benefits of commercial door repair and maintenance, and make sure to trust only certified technicians for best results.