4 Signs Its Time to Replace the Hardware on Your Commercial Roll Up Doors1

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace the Hardware on Your Commercial Roll Up Doors

Most business owners/managers don’t really think about the hardware of their commercial garage doors until something goes wrong. But this shouldn’t be. Commercial door hardware may be small in size but they actually play an important role in your day-to-day operations.

Understanding your commercial roll up doors and their hardware enables you to keep it in excellent condition. This guide gives you a clear idea of what you should know about your doors and how to spot signs of issues with it.

Here are the top tell-tale signs of faulty commercial door hardware.

1. The doors are sticking.

Once the doors start to stick, then it’s likely not sitting correctly in the frame. If a door is hard to close and open, you may be dealing with broken parts that need replacement. The best place to look first is the hinges. Are there any broken or missing screws? If yes, then they cannot do their job of holding the door in the right place. It might be an indication that it’s time to replace your hinges.

2. The doors are no longer functioning the way they should.

4 Signs Its Time to Replace the Hardware on Your Commercial Roll Up Door When operating your commercial roll up doors, you may notice that something’s wrong with the deadbolt. This makes it a bit harder to engage the lock, or you may need to pull on something before you could lock it. You may see that your door is not sitting straight in its frame when closed, or there’s a draft entering through the bottom of the door or around it.

Once you notice any of these issues with your doors, always call for a professional. They will conduct a thorough inspection and look for the root cause of the problem.

3. The doors are making squeaking noises.

A squeaking noise (or any kind of strange sound) in commercial roll up doors is never a good sign. Many people think that it is normal for old doors to produce a squeaking sound but it’s really not. It’s often a sign that your door needs some maintenance and care for your hardware. By having a professional assess your door regularly, you are sure to be one step ahead of the problem.

If your door hardware just needs lubrication, you can use WD-40 or any special oil for those parts. Some also swear by graphite powder, which serves as a dry lubricant.

4. The doors have wrong grade hardware.

The hardware you see installed in your commercial roll up doors is graded. Each grade is defined as appropriate for specific functions. If the hardware you’re using is the wrong grade, expect it to wear out much faster since it doesn’t match your doors. Many people think you could just walk into a home improvement store and buy any kind of lock for their door. Some doors require heavy-grade hardware, so it’s essential to get professional advice first before installing new locks.

When you neglect commercial doors, you are putting your business at risk of high energy bills and possible break-ins. It’s important to regularly check your doors to ensure security in your place of business.

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Don’t leave the safety of your employees to chance. Always keep your doors and hardware maintained to make sure your commercial roll up doors works efficiently all year round. Only trust experienced and highly-skilled professionals for your commercial door repair and maintenance needs for best results.