Fire Rated Commercial Doors Require Special Repairs and Maintenance

Do Fire Rated Commercial Doors Require Special Repairs and Maintenance?

Fire-rated doors play a crucial role in keeping everyone in your place of business safe and reducing damage in the event of a fire. They are made of materials that can control the spread of smoke and fire for up to three hours.

In case of a fire, roll-up doors are designed to protect your property and save many lives by compartmentalizing the establishment areas and isolating the source of the fire. Aside from controlling the fire, these fire-rated steel doors also offer security and control of access in wall openings that should not be used as an exit.

Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance

Do Fire Rated Commercial Doors Require Special Repairs and Maintenance1 If you currently have a commercial or industrial fire-rated door in your premises, you’ve already taken steps to protect people at your business in case a fire happens. That’s because the main purpose of a fire door is to prevent a fire from quickly spreading from room to room. This increases the chances of stopping the blaze in its tracks and saving your valued assets.

But just like any component of your property, doors need to be taken care of. Lack of commercial door repair and maintenance could render them useless and the consequences could involve serious damage or injury.

Not maintaining your fire doors could also invalidate the insurance of your business establishment–something you’d never want to happen. Given that, make sure your fire doors are well-maintained and repaired so you stay fully compliant with the recent legislation and safety standards.

Did you know that regular maintenance and repairs can improve the overall safety in your warehouse? Read more about it here!

Assessing Risks and Other Fire-Rated Installations

As a business owner, you need to conduct thorough risk assessments with the help of professionals when it comes to fire-safety regulations.

There’s actually more to fire safety than fire-rated doors. You need to have warning systems, escape routes, equipment checks, and proper lighting. It’s also worth considering other types of fire- and smoke-rated shutters and doors for your property.

There are several fire-rated closing systems you can use to ensure the safety of your premises. For instance, you can install motor operators to work with fire-rated doors. Often seen in car washes, distribution warehouses, paint booths, and parking garages, motor operators are considered as the most consistent and effective way of opening higher cycle and bigger doors.

Power is required for motor operation but in the event of a power outage, you can use auxiliary operators to open and close the roll-up doors.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, fire-rated manual operators work great for smaller door applications or areas where a door is not frequently used. Don’t fret, though; while more affordable, they are certainly not ‘cheap’. In fact, manual operators are still as reliable and robust as a conventional motor operator for roll-up doors.

Suffice it to say that scheduling a regular commercial door repair and maintenance not only keeps your premises safe but also gives you peace of mind. Certified professionals will be able to catch any minor problems right away before they get worse. With the help of an expert, your fire-rated doors will always be in optimal working condition. This will help assure you that your commercial door will never fail you in case of a catastrophic situation.

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