A List of the Best Commercial Garage Doors for Any Business

The Best Commercial Garage Doors for Any Business

There’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right commercial garage door for your business. Unlike regular entrance and exit doors, commercial garage doors are typically large, cumbersome, and possess one or more moving parts. Garage door installation isn’t something that can easily undo or redo. It is a process that you shouldn’t take lightly either.

With this in mind, we’ve listed the five best commercial garage doors most any business can use. This also comes with our personal recommendations for which door goes great with different types of business.

SECTIONAL STEEL GARAGE DOORS commercial garage door opener

Sectional steel garage doors are popular for their extreme durability—perfect for buildings that experience high volumes of vehicle traffic and heavy machinery, like warehouses or transportation docks.

What’s more, these doors require very minimal maintenance. They’re tough, hardy, and exceedingly resilient against virtually any weather condition, like hail storms or strong winds.

These commercial garage doors are also easy to insulate for indoor temperature regulation, which is a godsend for large buildings storing temperature-sensitive goods or machinery inside.

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Despite being made of a lighter, non-corrosive material, sectional aluminum garage doors are still reasonably sturdy. They also typically come with large windows separated into sections. This allows plenty of natural light to be filtered without compromising your business’s security.

These windows also provide ample view of whatever’s inside the building, making a sectional aluminum garage door ideal for businesses like service stations and auto dealerships.

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commercial garage door opener

Rolling garage doors, also known as coiling garage doors, are the kind that rolls up overhead. They’re usually automated and, if not, are fairly easy to operate.

Because they can be opened, closed, and stored so conveniently, rolling garage doors are great for fire departments, hotels, healthcare facilities, and generally any business that sees a large number of people day in and day out. In fact, this kind of commercial garage door is typically used as the door for emergency fire exits in large warehouses and storage centers.

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If you need something that strikes a balance between convenience and security, these commercial garage doors are the perfect choice. High-speed garage doors do exactly what their name suggests: they function at higher speeds than usual—opening and closing in a matter of seconds.

This particular commercial garage door is actually perfect for a lot of businesses. For instance, businesses that need instantaneous security despite heavy vehicular traffic—like distribution facilities and manufacturers.

Businesses that need to regulate their indoor temperatures, like warehouses and storage centers will also benefit from high-speed garage doors. Since the garage door can open and close so quickly, the risk of heat sneaking in or out—depending on what your business needs—is greatly minimized.

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And last, but certainly not the least, are automated garage doors. These commercial garage doors—as the name suggests—are completely automated, making them the perfect security solution for localized businesses with plenty of stock inside (think about offices, retailers, schools, and pharmacies).

In fact, these commercial garage doors are the kind that you typically see at malls and market centers. The difference between these doors and rolling garage doors is that automated doors don’t roll up overhead. Other than that, they’re just as easy to operate and convenient to store.

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At the end of the day, the best commercial garage doors are the ones that suit your specific needs. There is no one general answer, as different businesses will require different security solutions.

And if you’re really stumped as to which door will work best for you, you can always look to the professionals at a commercial garage door repair service for expert advice. No idea where to start? Give us a call today to learn more about the best commercial garage doors that suit your business needs.