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5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Gate

One of the best ways to keep both your employees and your assets safe is to install a solid commercial gate. The right commercial fence will help protect your property from potential threats. But it’s essential to do enough planning and research while selecting the right commercial gate for your business.

We shared a few tips to help you choose the best commercial gate for your unique situation. Keep these things in mind when you’re ready to install a gate.

Choose the Right Material

A wide variety of materials are available for commercial gates. Although, not all of them are right for every situation. Each comes with its own pros and cons. Vinyl may be great for residential doors, but you’ll need to look for a stronger material for your commercial gate. Consider iron, as it’s much more robust and durable than other kinds of material.

Consider the Security Level You Want

Installing a commercial gate is one of the best ways to keep your facility safe from potential intruders or theft. But, for this purpose, choosing the right material is not enough. It’s important to also think about additional security features to protect your property. These days, you can easily find a gate with advanced security features for your business. There are plenty of security features to look for, from automatic gates to options with extra security features.

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Compatibility with the Property

Before making a final decision, make sure the commercial gate you’ve selected properly fits your commercial space. Be sure that it suits your business industry and provides you with enough protection against potential threats.

Ease of Use

We understand that security is your main concern. But there is no point in installing a gate that is difficult to use. Make sure that the gate provides easy access for workers and employees while also blocking out intruders.

Look for a gate with features like pin or swipe card access, a remote-controlled mechanism, or alarm system, etc. If you need commercial gates for your factory, wide rolling gates are a good option that allows trucks and oversized equipment to pass through.

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An Appealing Design

First impressions last. Your gate is the first thing a new client or customer sees when they arrive at your commercial property. If the gate is unappealing, it may impact the reputation of your business. No matter how great the interior of your business looks, it’s still important to make a good first impression. So, choose a design and structure that’s in line with your brand.

The Right Commercial Gate

Keep your commercial property safe by choosing the right commercial gate. The extra protection is the best way to ensure your peace of mind. Aside from these tips, Frontier Pacific can give you expert advice if you need recommendations. Call us at (510) 935-0086 and we’ll be happy to assist you!