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3 Types of Dock Door Levelers

Selecting the right truck dock leveler is an essential step in streamlining operations at your facility. It can also significantly impact the overall productivity and safety of a commercial facility. When considering a truck dock leveler, it’s important to know that there are different types you can choose from. At Frontier Pacific, we offer the best dock levelers on the market, including the most common recessed ones.

Learn more about your options below, as well as who to call when you need warehouse dock door repair services.

Most Common Types of Dock Door Levelers

Recessed Dock Leveler

The recessed, pit-style dock leveler is the most commonly used leveler for a few reasons. It has a greater life expectancy, load range, and operating range. This type of dock leveler is usually installed in pits. It’s sized to match the exact requirements and formed into the concrete.

At Frontier Pacific, you can find recessed dock levelers with a spring-loaded mechanical activation system or with a push-button activation system.

Edge of Dock Levelers

This type of dock leveler is available in both hydraulic and mechanical versions. Edge of dock levelers is generally used for low-volume facilities with a maximum of 30,000lb capacity. They are considered a safer alternative to dock plates, and they’re a more ergonomic option, too.

There’s limited use of the edge of dock levelers since they are only designed for standard loading dock heights with highway trucks.

Vertical Loading Dock Levelers

As the name suggests, these dock levelers stand up vertically when not in use and provide a complete seal when upright. They typically operate on a hydraulic system. The combination of a hydraulic system with a vertical leveler makes this option suitable for temperature-controlled surroundings. This is because it creates a more secure seal, trapping cool air inside.

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Choosing the Right Truck Dock Leveler

At Frontier Pacific, we offer all three of these dock levelers, and our team of experts can professionally install them. The right choice will improve the safety and efficiency of your commercial space.

But how do you choose the best option? Begin by considering the needs of your facility. What are you really looking for? Think about the maximum height of your loads, the weight of the cargo, and the lift truck. How often will you use the ramp? What does the operation environment look like? It might take a little time to assess your current situation, but some careful thought is well worth it.

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Shop for a Truck Dock Leveler

It can seem confusing to choose a truck dock leveler at first, but we can help you make the right choice for your facility if you have any doubts. Do you need an expert opinion? Our team at Frontier Pacific takes pride in visiting your facility, assessing, and providing the best option. If you have a facility in need of a truck dock leveler installation, or a repair, contact Frontier Pacific today at (510) 935-0086.