different types of commercial garage doors

Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors Explained

When you own a business and design or update your facilities, there are lots of decisions to be made. If your business utilizes a commercial garage door, you may be wondering which style is right for you. The style you choose depends on the business you do and the functions of the door. Here we look at the different options when making your decision.

Overhead Doors

For an overhead door, the name gives away the essentials in the design. These doors are most similar to the majority of residential garage doors. Overhead doors operate on a track or rail. They are usually designed with slats so that they can move up and down more easily. Sometimes they are one piece that swings up.

The main characteristic of an overhead door is that when in the open position, they are parallel to the ceiling. Overhead doors can be operated on a motor or manually. Overhead doors can be constructed from many different materials—wood, metal/aluminum, and even glass. These types of doors can be used in a variety of settings such as auto-body shops, warehouses, fire stations and commercial garages.

modern business units with colorful roller doors

Roll-Up Doors

Again, the title of roll-up doors is descriptive of how they operate. Roll-up doors are made of many thin slats, which provides the door a flexible quality allowing it to roll up into a coil. Roll-up doors become quite compact when not in use, and can look much tidier and professional compared to other options.

When in the down position, roll-up commercial doors are attached to an inner wall, so they are quite secure. These types of doors are often used as security gates at storefronts, where they can provide security at night, but be out-of-sight during the day.

Fire-Rated Doors

This option works similarly to a roll-up door and can be lifted or lowered with a motor or manually. The added feature of these doors, as the name implies, is that they offer additional fire protection. These doors are constructed from thick and durable stainless steel which makes them resistant to fire. They can also block out the noise and provide insulation. Given their utility, these types of doors are frequently used for parking garages, warehouses, mills, and distribution centers. For added safety, these doors can even have a feature that allows them to close automatically in the event of a fire.

Commercial Gates

Among all the options, commercial gates (sometimes called scissor gates) have a unique design. Rather than rolling up, these doors usually move from right to left or left to right, like a sliding door. Sometimes, they are designed just to swing open and shut, which is a more economical option. Once pulled closed, they can lock, like any other door. These types of gates are usually constructed from thick steel, which provides reliable protection, but also allows ventilation through the gate holes. These doors can be used as an outside barrier. Some businesses also select them as a second layer of protection or reinforcement to another type of garage door.

Selecting the Right Door

When you shop for your commercial garage door, consider the functions it will serve and the aesthetic you want. By working with a professional commercial garage door installation company, you can find the right option to meet your needs and choose the right garage door for your business.