How Important is Insulation in my Commercial Overhead Door

How Important is Insulation in my Commercial Overhead Door?

When it comes to essential characteristics of commercial overhead doors, insulation is probably not the first thing you think of. However, insulation offers many amazing benefits for commercial overhead doors, beyond just keeping your commercial spaces at a stable temperature. Providing additional comfort and safety, insulation can be an essential part of high-quality commercial overhead doors. The question you may be considering is whether insulation is necessary for your choice of commercial door. Here we look at the various benefits of insulation and why it is crucial for commercial doors.

Insulated Commercial Doors Maintain Indoor Temperature

Maintaining a stable indoor temperature is one of the most obvious benefits of insulated commercial doors and an important benefit for businesses. Many warehouses and commercial buildings house temperature sensitive goods and products, so maintaining a stable internal temperature is critical. Uninsulated commercial doors can easily allow excess heat or cold through your commercial buildings. An insulated commercial door helps to keep a steady temperature to protect your workers, your product, and your property.

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Insulated Commercial Doors Allow Quieter Operation

Insulated commercial doors are quieter to operate because they damper some of the sounds that are created during opening and closing. This can be a significant benefit as it minimizes disruption to your business operations, workers, customers, and neighbors. Noisy overhead commercial doors can be incredibly irritating and difficult to manage, particularly when you may need to open and close your commercial overhead door dozens of times a day. If reducing disruption to your business is a big priority in your commercial overhead door, deciding to install a quieter, insulated commercial door can be a wise choice.

Insulated Commercial Doors are More Durable

Insulation adds extra strength and durability to commercial doors. Because insulation backs and reinforces the outer panels of a commercial door, it means the door is less likely to be dented and more resistant to impacts. This can also help protect the door from weather-related impacts. High winds can cause objects to fly up and hit commercial doors, damaging them and diminishing their appearance and security. Adding insulation protects against these impacts and ensures your overhead commercial doors maintain their strength and presence. Insulation also protects the opening mechanism located just inside the door by shielding it from extreme heat and cold. This means your commercial overhead door lasts longer without the need for maintenance, service or repair.

Insulated Commercial Doors Block Business Noise

Warehouses and commercial properties can be busy and noisy places. You may wish to limit the amount of noise escaping from your commercial property by choosing an insulated commercial overhead door. Insulated doors will better block industrial and warehouse noises, so your adjacent offices stay quiet, or so you make less impact on your neighbors.

Insulation can add significantly to the comfort, performance, and strength of commercial overhead doors. If you’re considering installing or replacing a commercial overhead door, it’s a good idea to consider choosing an insulated commercial overhead door. To find the right insulated commercial overhead door for you, talk to Frontier Pacific today for expert advice on choosing the best door for your business.