What Are High Cycle Doors and are they Good for Commercial Spaces

What Are High Cycle Doors and are they Good for Commercial Spaces?

High cycle doors are widely used in the business sector for their excellent features and durability. Known as the heavy-duty workhorses of the commercial door industry, they help companies increase productivity while providing huge savings in time and money.

Having knowledge about commercial door repair and maintenance is crucial to get the most out of your investment. With the right amount of care, these doors can last for many years even at the busiest commercial spaces.

What are High Cycle Doors?

Designed to withstand closing and opening up to 25 times more in one day, high cycle doors are known for being durable and efficient. They are made with strong components and heavy-duty springs. Most models have a barrel and spring construction–meaning there’s a barrel holding the rolling mechanism while the springs ease the tension from the door’s weight. This kind of roll-up door is made from sturdier materials compared to others, so the size of springs used on them is very important.

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How High Cycle Doors can Benefit Your Commercial Space

What Are High Cycle Doors and are they Good for Commercial Spaces1 Some of the businesses that require high cycle industrial doors include those in the transportation, distribution, and manufacturing sector. High cycle doors are the best choice for these types of companies as they are faster and more reliable than the traditional sectional doors.

These doors are generally built for performance, speed, and efficiency. Whether you decide on a chain drive or direct drive system, there are high cycle doors that eliminate the need for counterbalance springs. This significantly increases the lifespan of your commercial door system, meaning more savings for you in the long run.

High cycle doors can achieve fast opening speeds depending on the size of your industrial property opening. Aside from being easy to clean and maintain, they help you save time because they open and close at faster speeds.

Another benefit you can enjoy from high cycle doors is the reduction in loss of heating and cooling. These doors promote energy efficiency thanks to their quick open and close cycles. They can also provide better insulation through added curtains.

Potential Issues

High cycle doors are typically designed to cycle approximately 50,000 times or more before a spring replacement is needed. However, just like any other door assembly, occasional problems can happen to them. A door that has a motor that will not lift the door despite being turned on, or one that wobbles as it moves likely has a spring issue.

Additionally, curtains or door panels can shift out of position and keep the door from opening as it should. Even the smallest bit of damage to the panel or slat can result in extra strain on your rolling mechanism, making it wear out much faster. It can also lead to prompt commercial door repair services to keep your door running.

Importance of Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance

Commercial door repair and maintenance is essential in maintaining a high cycle door. Most experts and manufacturers suggest having it serviced at least once a year to extend its lifespan.

By implementing a thorough inspection, your trusted door specialist can detect if there is abnormal wear on certain parts or if spring fatigue is affecting your door’s performance. They will also look for balance problems and make sure the tension on the door itself is safe for commercial operation.

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