Do I Need a High Speed Overhead Door for My Commercial Space

Do I Need a High Speed Overhead Door for My Commercial Space?

Commercial doors are one of the most used but also the most underappreciated components of business facilities. These doors are crucial to your day-to-day operations because they allow you to increase the quality of work and enhance productivity.

An often overlooked component of commercial overhead doors is the speed at which it opens and closes. While a matter of seconds may seem insignificant for one close or open cycle, those same seconds can make a huge difference once you start counting the cycles that happen in a day, month, or year.

At a glance, it’s clear that high speed overhead doors save you time, but there are lots of other advantages to using this kind of commercial door. We’ve listed some of them below:

1. Easy Maintenance

For businesses in the food industry, commercial doors are routinely cleaned and disinfected. High speed doors are perfect for facilities with the same requirements because they are made with stainless steel side covers and PVC curtains that can withstand the heavy use of cleaning substances.

A service call is usually necessary when a conventional overhead door is knocked off its track. High-speed doors, on the other hand, have self-reinserting curtains that reduce any downtime in the event of a collision. You can also equip high-speed doors with defrosting systems to make getting rid of ice a breeze.

2. Cost Savings

In a 2m opening, a standard rolling steel door opens and shuts in 11 seconds while a high-speed door can do the same in just two seconds. With the added speed, you can enjoy huge savings in repair costs from collisions, heating and cooling maintenance costs, and potential expenses for door-related injuries.

3. Contained Airflow

Do I Need a High Speed Overhead Door for My Commercial Space1 There are facilities or warehouses that require rooms to be clean. Airflow is an important factor for these businesses because dust and debris carried by air can damage certain products or equipment. They can also affect the performance of heating and cooling systems.

High-speed commercial overhead doors reduce damage by controlling airflow. They can even be used in pairs to create airlocks in environments that are pressure-sensitive.

4. Employee Safety

A high speed commercial overhead door is flexible–it has no rigid components. Because of this, the risk of injuries and damages is greatly reduced. High speed doors also have transparent panels that limit vehicle collisions when accessing or exiting the property. For an added layer of safety, there are doors with a signaling technology that alerts employees if there are vehicles approaching from the opposite side.

5. More Productivity

With high speed overhead doors, equipment, products, and people can go through your facility easily. There are businesses where handling and transport of items is the main priority. They thrive on smooth logistical flows and processing in high volumes. High-speed doors thus enable these businesses to maximize efficiency.

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Based on the information stated above, high speed overhead doors offer lots of benefits that pay for themselves. Huge savings, protection, and increased workplace productivity–high speed service doors are indeed the best option for your business. If you have existing standard commercial overhead doors in your facility, now would be the best time to make the switch to a much faster and more efficient alternative.

With years of experience in helping people select the best commercial doors for their businesses and maintaining said doors, we at Frontier Pacific believe we’re well-equipped to help you with your own concerns. Contact us today!