4 Signs It's Time to Call for a Dock Door Repair Company

4 Signs It’s Time to Call for a Dock Door Repair Company

Dock doors are used every day, but they rarely get examined to inspect their performance and condition. Most people only start focusing on this big moving object once it malfunctions. That’s why it’s important to conduct dock door repair and maintenance regularly. Performing inspections monthly allows you to determine if your dock door is still safe and functional.

Does your commercial garage door need repairs or maintenance? Or maybe just a simple tune-up? It pays to know when you should call a dock door repair company. Here are 4 signs you need to look for before you call:

1. Noise

4 Signs It's Time to Call for a Dock Door Repair Company

Noisy dock doors are actually pretty common, and there could be several reasons why your door is making strange noises. More often than not, there are parts grating together. Different parts of the dock door should be regularly lubricated to always keep them running smoothly. You can easily find commercial lubricant available in special supply stores, or you can get one recommended by the manufacturer.

If the parts don’t need lubricating and the loud noise persists, you may need to replace a part in your dock door.

2. Damaged Spring

The spring is a vital part of your dock door because it gives tension that the opener needs to lift the main door. Thankfully, any issue on this part of your dock door system can be diagnosed easily.

Springs are typically found above the door, close to a wall. If there are two springs on the wall, then you might need to replace both. Take note: always get a professional to make the replacement. Do not attempt to repair this on your own as it may cause more damage to your dock door.

3. Broken Photo-Eye

Photo-eyes function by keeping the dock door from closing if a person or object is blocking the infrared beams. They are very helpful because they greatly lessen the possibility of any accidents. If not properly lined up, however, photo-eyes may cause your dock door to stay open for long periods of time, interfering with production and productivity.

This can be solved by moving the photo-eye to make sure it lines up correctly. Another reason for a photo-eye malfunction is dirt and debris. To avoid this, clean the photo-eye regularly.

4. Remote Control Problem

Have you tried cleaning and fixing the photo-eye but the problem still persists? Then the issue might be on your remote control. Try changing the remote control’s battery. Most of the time, garage door openers last for 10 years or more, so be sure to check if yours has hit its best-by date.

If this doesn’t work, it might be time to call the dock door repair company.

All these are just a few of the common reasons why you need to have your dock door regularly maintained. Remember, the best way to avoid these issues is to sign up for a regular dock door repair and maintenance. This ensures that your commercial garage door continues to function properly in the years to come.

If you are experiencing a problem that’s not mentioned in this blog, we suggest you call a professional to diagnose your dock door. Contact us today and let us help you identify and fix your commercial garage door problem.