Basic Tips on How to Repair a Commercial Door Opener

Basic Tips on How to Repair a Commercial Door Opener

Automated commercial overhead door systems are reliable in general, but similar to all mechanical things, they wear out over time and are prone to various problems. Possible reasons why you may need commercial door repair include a power surge, physical damage, or some other issue. These problems range from a defective reversing bottom edge, motor failure, blocked photocell safety device, and so on.

Given that, here are a few tips to repair a commercial door opener that’s suddenly stopped working properly.

Problem #1: Neither wall switch or remote control operates the opener.

It’s possible that the fuse, circuit breaker, or GFCI outlet has burned out or tripped. If electrical circuits or other lights in your facility are not operating, this might be the cause. You will need to reset the GFCI outlet or breaker, or replace the fuse that has burned out.

Problem #2: The opener is causing the door to reverse before hitting the floor.

When the door reverses prior to hitting the ground, this is usually caused by the close-force setting that should be adjusted. Door rollers have friction within the tracks that may be fooling the system into thinking the door has already reached the floor. If this happens, the opener only needs to be adjusted to reduce sensitivity.

Problem #3: The motor won’t stop running after the door has opened.

Commercial Door Repair This is an unusual issue, but when it occurs, it just means the up-limit switch should be moved away from the motor system. While it’s a rare case, it’s often noticeable right away – often soon after you first install the opener.

Problem #4: The door still won’t open after fixing the opener.

There are cases when the door itself is the root of the problem—not the automation system. This might be caused by the usual wear and tear or damage to the door. These problems can often be corrected with just a bit of adjustment or cleaning. However, more serious issues will require full door replacement.

The good news is that, as long as your automation system is fine, it can still be reused and will continue to offer an effective and safe operation of the new door.

Problem #5: The opener won’t function in winter.

If this issue happens, check the screw on the motor unit and adjust the opener sensitivity. Rollers sometimes get stiff in the winter months, which might be causing the opener to refuse to operate. It also helps to lubricate rollers during this time. Since methods for adjusting sensitivity vary, it’s best to consult the opener’s manual for directions.

Why You Need Commercial Door Repair Services

Commercial overhead doors are likely the biggest and heaviest moving part in your place of business. They usually have massive springs, bolts, screws, and chains that carry several hundred pounds of loads every day.

There are instances when you can solve the problem on your own but most of the time, only a professional can do the job.

Going DIY with these mechanisms without proper experience puts you at risk of serious injury or something worse; even a small mistake can have big consequences for you or an employee trying to fix the door or door opener. So consider professional commercial door repair to ensure your door opener will always function properly.

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