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How to Pick the Right Overhead Door Closer

Are you wondering how to choose the best overhead door closer? It can be tricky with all the different kinds of products on the market these days. You might have seen a concealed overhead door closer at your neighbor’s storefront and wondered how he or she had it installed.

Here are some things you can consider as you’re shopping for the right overhead door closer that will help you figure out the best hardware for your home or storefront. So, read on for protips to get you started!

Selecting an overhead door closer may vary depending on many different factors, which include manufacturer options, customer preference, and building specifications. The following are other factors to review:

  • The weight and size of your door
  • Door closing and opening frequency
  • Location of the door
  • Mounting location
  • Back-swing requirements
  • Affordability

Don’t forget these top considerations when selecting an overhead door closer…

Traffic Volume

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In general, overhead door closers are typically used for different functions, ranging from medium to heavy traffic locations, and they are quite durable. You can choose door closers for interior or exterior doors. Overhead varieties are commonly used in commercial buildings. Unlike ordinary door closers, they hold up better over time so they work nicely for doors that see a lot of use, making them the best option. Although, frame-mounted and concealed door closers are usually suitable for interior doors used for a somewhat lighter amount of traffic.

Building Code

Keep in mind that each area has slightly different building code requirements, which may depend on the location of your commercial space. For that reason, federal, state, or local building codes can be a determining factor on the kind of door closer you need to install.

The American National Standards Institute and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association provide extensive installation standards for door closers. This means your door closer must meet a certain level of performance that is broken up in three grades: Grade 1, 2 & 3. If you’re installing an overhead door closer into a high volume area, such as a shopping mall or office building, it’s vital to use quality door closers that are rated as Grade 1 door closers.

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Aesthetic Considerations

Of course, you wouldn’t just pick any type of door closer without first considering how it will look with your door. Some are more attractive than others, and so it’s obvious you will also make a decision based on appearance. These door closers are adjustable to allow users to set a specific opening resistance and rate of closure.

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Bottom Line

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All these considerations can be overwhelming to any building manager or owner. But this should not be the reason for picking a door closer that doesn’t suit your needs. First, consider traffic requirements and building codes before you look at the various aesthetic options on the market. This will help you avoid the need to replace your door closer due to a preventable mistake.

Above all else, make sure that you’re picking the best commercial overhead door. Frontier Pacific will help you find the right choice that suits your business needs. Call us at (510) 935-0086 today!