A Definitive List of the Most-Asked Questions about Commercial Door Repair

A Definitive List of the Most-Asked Questions about Commercial Door Repair

For business owners, it’s absolutely important to have commercial doors that run smoothly. After all, compromised doors not only have a negative effect on business but also results in safety hazards. The good news: these hazards can be avoided through commercial door repair and regular maintenance.

Do you have a problem with your commercial doors but you’re not sure how to fix it? Below are a few of the most common questions about commercial door repair.

1. Why is my commercial overhead door not opening?

There are several reasons that could explain why your commercial door is not opening. Loose or damaged cables are a possible culprit. It’s also possible that you have broken springs you’re not aware of. If a power source interruption is to blame, it would be a good idea to check your circuit breaker and outlets.

Be sure to check if the door is moving along the track as it should; if it isn’t, you might need to schedule commercial door repair.

2. What’s keeping my door from closing completely?

A known cause for doors that fail to close is an interruption in the sensors.

Is your opener system flashing? Check if the beam of infrared light is not being blocked. This sensor is in place to avoid a serious accident that will put you or anyone else entering the premises in danger. You might also need to examine the electrical connection of the sensors to see if they are working.

3. Is it safe for me to repair broken springs?

Commercial Door Repair Unless you are experienced in commercial door repair, springs should be off-limits to you. Only a qualified door expert should replace them — no one else. Take note that the counterbalance system is designed to lift heavy doors. This means the hardware generates a huge amount of torque, so it should be avoided by inexperienced persons at all costs.

4. Do I need to replace the entire door if only a portion was damaged?

In most cases, the possibility of replacing a section of a damaged door depends on whether that part is still in production, or if the rest of the door is still in good shape. There are instances when the most practical solution is to just replace the entire door.

5. Why is my commercial door reversing?

Commercial door sensors may become misaligned over time, which can result in your door suddenly reversing. Examine sensors for obstruction and check if the indicators on both the sending and receiving eyes are lit. If one is off or blinking, you may need to have them realigned.

Consider Commercial Door Repair Services for Your Business

Different DIY methods may have been able to help solve commercial door concerns but nothing beats professional services. Commercial door repair done by an expert ensures a high-quality job completed at a much shorter period of time. An experienced specialist can handle any of your commercial door concerns and they can provide services with the utmost efficiency—making everything easier and hassle-free for you.

Have any questions about or problems with your commercial doors? Give us at Frontier Pacific a call; with our experience, we’ll definitely be able to help you.