Why Only Professionals Should Handle Commercial Door Repair

[PART 3] The Importance of Commercial Door Repair – 4 Reasons You Should Only Trust Professionals

Installing a commercial door can be tricky and repairing it can be even more complicated. Many business owners neglect commercial door repair and opt for DIY methods, which could actually cost a lot more.

When a commercial door repair professional comes to help you fix what needs fixing, you can expect three things: high-quality work backed by a warranty, a job completed in a timely manner, and future service in the event that something goes wrong.

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why going DIY is not a good idea and why you should let the pros do their job.

1. You will not save a lot.

Yes, most DIY projects can save you money but repairing commercial roll up doors is an exception. Where door repair is concerned, the costs for parts and labor are more affordable in comparison to other types of contractor work. This means that you will likely pay the same amount when hiring a technician and doing the job on your own.

2. You might void your warranty.

Why Only Professionals Should Handle Commercial Door Repair1 The warranties of most commercial doors can range from three to 10 years. If something happens to your garage door, these warranties can cover the costs. Unfortunately, most door manufacturers will void the warranty if you try doing the repair by yourself. This means that if something happens down the road, the manufacturer will not cover repair mishaps and you will pay for it yourself.

3. You will likely spend more.

You could spend even more money later on if you make a mistake during the repair process. For instance, if you damage one part of the door, it could make the entire door inoperable. There are some cases when DIY commercial garage door repair has caused serious problems due to wrong execution.

4. It’s dangerous to DIY.

There are various moving parts in a commercial door–all of which can cause serious injuries if not handled correctly. There are many business owners who have hurt themselves after mishandling a door during a DIY repair.

Additionally, your commercial door has strings that are extremely hazardous and under heavy tension. Those parts can snap and sever a limb or damage property.

Finding the Best Commercial Door Repair Company

Your commercial overhead door is an investment, so it should only be maintained and repaired by the best professionals. When selecting a door repair company near you, keep in mind these 4 factors: pricing, reliability, reputation, and experience.

The company should offer top-notch commercial door repair services at a reasonable price. You should be able to count on them whenever you need repairs, and they need to have a significant amount of experience in the industry. Also, check their previous clients–figure out if they have a good reputation when it comes to repairing.

Are customers satisfied with their job? Do they finish projects on time? Do they have an excellent rating on the Better Business Bureau? Those are just a few of the questions you need to ask the commercial door repair company you intend to hire.

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