3 Types of Specialty and Performance Commercial Overhead Doors

3 Types of Specialty and Performance Commercial Overhead Doors

When you need a door for your commercial building, you have to make several decisions. Consider things like the number of people passing through that door everyday, decorative options, such as finishes, and, of course, safety concerns. When you’re looking for the best specialty and performance commercial overhead doors, there are three choices you’ll likely encounter. Read on to learn more about these premium commercial overhead door options.

High Cycle Doors

High cycle doors are a wonderful choice when you need a commercial overhead door that performs at the maximum level. These doors are sturdy and only require a low level of maintenance. High cycle doors are so durable and reliable that they can offer up to one million open and close cycles. This means that, with this kind of overhead door, you won’t have to worry about needing to replace it for many years to come.

High cycle doors are ideal for a commercial environment where the overhead door will be opened many times per day. In particular, it’s great for parking garages, food processing facilities, and security facilities.

At Frontier Pacific, we can customize this kind of door to meet the needs and requirements of your business, whatever the industry.

Strip Doors

Strip doors are a specialty commercial overhead door, and they’re a little different from what normally might come to mind when thinking of commercial overhead doors. A strip door is not made of metal. Instead, it’s actually composed of vertical strips of heavy-duty plastic. This plastic is often somewhat transparent so you don’t lose out on visibility.

Strip doors can be used to provide a barrier from dust and other debris, as well as sound and fumes. They can also be used to partition one work area off from another. People sometimes choose to install strip doors in order to enhance refrigeration, or regulate the temperature of a space.

High Speed Doors

High speed commercial overhead doors can save you and your business both time and money. The major benefit of high speed doors is right in their name – it’s the accelerated speed of their performance. A high speed commercial overhead door opens and closes much faster than a traditional commercial overhead door. This allows for greater efficiency in your workplace.

In cases where refrigeration must be maintained or time comes at a premium, high speed commercial overhead doors may be a wise choice for you.

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Learn More About Specialty and Performance Doors

With so many different needs, it can be overwhelming to sort through the best options if you don’t have any previous experience in this area. If you’re not sure what kind of door is best for your building, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We can help you select the perfect commercial overhead door for your space.

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