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Specialty and Performance Doors

When you need the ultimate performance and high-quality results from your commercial and industrial doors, Frontier Pacific can help provide a Specialty and Performance commercial door that exceeds your expectations.

Whether it be for government regulations or productivity goals, running a successful business is about productivity, efficiency, and quality, and a Specialty and or Performance commercial door can help your business achieve just that. With faster operation speeds, lighter weight, and wind resistance, our Specialty and Performance doors get better results for your business.

High Cycle doors

Our High Cycle Doors offer guaranties of up to a million open/close cycles with long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.


High-speed doors

If you want to take efficiency and productivity to the next level, choose from our high-speed commercial doors.


Strip doors

Keep work areas separate and block out noise, dust, heat, and fumes with commercial strip doors from Frontier Pacific.


Also Offering Security Products and Specialty Applications

Now offering Commercial Garage Door and Dock Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans!