The Overhead Door at Our Warehouse Wont Open What Can We Do

The Overhead Door at Our Warehouse Won’t Open. What Can We Do?

Efficiency is important when it comes to running a successful business, especially if you own one that’s as multifaceted as a warehouse operation. When you’ve already invested in state-of-the-art products and equipment, maximum uptime is paramount.

There are various ways you can do to make sure that you sustain peak workplace performance. Doors, in particular, play a crucial role in these types of operation because you could depend on them for many uses.

When you have a properly working overhead door, areas in your warehouse stay sealed off and separated. In addition to allowing for efficient movement, they maintain security for both your products and employees.

On the other hand, if your doors are not working correctly, the downtime can affect energy consumption, revenue, and productivity.

What to do When the Overhead Door Gets Stuck

Below are some of the possible reasons why your overhead door won’t open, and ways you can try and fix them.

1. Damaged Overhead Door Parts

Dirt, leaves, and other kinds of warehouse debris can get caught between the rollers and tracks of your warehouse door and prevent it from opening. Excessive buildup of grime or inadequate wheel lubrication or service can also cause the door to move out of the tracks and get stuck.

If obstructions or worn out overhead door parts are causing the issue, it should be regularly inspected. A professional can evaluate your door and tell you which parts need replacement.

2. Disconnected Power

For doors running on electricity, absence of electrical power might be the reason why your door is not opening. It may be a problem with the main power line or the electrical wiring of the door itself. Make sure all switches are in the right position and check if your power supply is on. In these cases, call your door specialist right away before tinkering with anything to prevent electrocution.

3. Track Misalignment

The Overhead Door at Our Warehouse Wont Open What Can We Do1 Misaligned overhead door tracks occur for a number of reasons. They could be warped or dented after being hit accidentally, or they could be loose and corroded.

Never try to fix the issue by forcing the door back onto its tracks as this could lead to bigger problems. Only a door specialist can handle this issue safely so call your trusted professional in case you have misaligned door tracks.

4. Damaged Panel Sections

Break-in attempts, vandalism, or edge and core damage can lead to malfunctioning doors. Most commercial overhead doors are installed in sections, which makes it possible for you to replace only the damaged part instead of getting rid of the entire door. While this is a more cost-effective option, the safest option would having a professional evaluate the door and advise what needed to be replaced.

Just like the garage doors in your home, an overhead door is susceptible to wear and tear. They are used in warehouses every day and it’s important to keep them in good shape to ensure workplace productivity. From sliding doors, roll-up doors, and sectional doors, investing in a scheduled maintenance program can help extend the lifetime of your commercial doors. It also helps you prevent significant downtime at your facility so you can increase profitability in your business.

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