Commercial Door Safety Tips

Top 5 Commercial Door Safety Tips

Having reliable commercial doors is a must for all kinds of businesses. These doors not only offer security but also functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, because a commercial door is the largest moving object in your property, it also poses a safety risk to you and your employees.

In order to enjoy the many benefits a commercial door provides, here are a few safety tips to consider:

1. Train Employees

All your employees should be trained and informed about the dangers that come with improper use of industrial doors. Anybody who will be operating the commercial doors should be aware of the risks involved with it. Dedicate time to going over the emergency procedures with them. It also helps to remind your employees where the first aid kit can be found in case an emergency happens.

2. Restrict Access

If you have a large company or warehouse, chances are not everybody is operating the commercial garage doors. In case there are employees who don’t need access, then they should not be given the permission to do so. Having this restriction provides you with tighter security. If an employee leaves the business for good or no longer needs access to the property, don’t forget to disable or retrieve their access equipment.

3. Use Modern Technology

Commercial Door Safety Tips Modern commercial doors may have state-of-the-art functionalities but it doesn’t mean they never fail. While these doors offer a great deal of protection and convenience, they also represent a weak spot in your property.

For instance, old openers that use fixed codes are prone to hacking. This problem can affect newer openers as well, so it helps if you utilize a system with a rolling code technology. The code on these openers change after each use or based on a timed schedule, which helps prevent someone with an old code to gain access.

4. Avoid DIY Repairs

It might be tempting to go DIY with commercial door problems but it’s never a good idea. Do not try to adjust, repair, or remove springs and cables, and anything attached to these parts. If not handled correctly, these parts may cause serious injury. Only a trained and certified door technician should conduct repairs because they have the right tools and expertise for repairs or adjustments.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance

With a regular maintenance schedule in place, you are sure that your commercial doors will stay in excellent shape. A professional door technician can identify possible safety hazards and repair them before an emergency or injury occurs.

Industrial doors, especially those in huge warehouses, can be dangerous if not maintained and used properly. Considering their speed, powerful mechanisms, and large size, commercial doors can be dangerous and even lethal. With that in mind, you need regular maintenance so you and your employees are safe at all times.

Commercial doors are one of the most-used components of any establishment, and well-maintained, secure doors are important in keeping your business protected at all times. If you are looking for a professional installation of modern commercial doors, Frontier Pacific is an industry-leading name you can trust. Feel free to contact us today for your commercial door needs.