Top 5 Quietest Commercial Garage Doors

Top 5 Quietest Commercial Garage Doors

One of the most significant issues with commercial garage doors is the noise they make during operation. Hinges squeaking, tracks grinding, motor humming and door slamming – the many noises of commercial garage door operation can cause disturbance and disruption to your business. Not only can the loud sound of commercial garage doors distract your workers, but it can also be a disturbance to your clients and customers. One of the features that makes a commercial garage door quieter is a belt drive as opposed to a chain drive. Older commercial door models, in general, are noisier, so simply upgrading your commercial garage door can make a big difference.

Here we look at the top 5 quietest commercial garage doors to reduce noise pollution and disturbance in your commercial space.

1. Wayne Dalton Thermomark 5150/5200

The Wayne Dalton Thermomark 5150 and 5200 commercial garage doors provide a unique combination of some of the most in-demand qualities – attractive appearance, strength, insulation and quiet operation. The Wayne Dalton Thermomark 5150 and 5200 commercial garage doors are available in a range of different colors to match your commercial space, including textured Walnut and Golden Oak finishes that emulate the look of real wood. Best of all, the Wayne Dalton Thermomark 5150 and 5200 commercial garage doors have foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation that allows for thermal efficiency while also ensuring quiet door operation.

2. Wayne Dalton FireStar® Model 700 Rolling Steel Fire Doors

If you need a fire door that also has a quiet operation, the Wayne Dalton FireStar® Model 700 Rolling Steel Fire Door is the right choice for you. The Wayne Dalton FireStar® Model 700 Rolling Steel Fire Door is one of the best in the industry, featuring auto-reset testing capability; reliable, long-lasting performance and one of the smoothest and quietest operations for a fire rated door.

ndustrial warehouse with green and yellow roller doors

3. Entrematic Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Doors

Entrematic offers a range of brands that feature some of the quietest and highest performance indoor and outdoor commercial garage doors. The Entrematic Dynaco doors are fast-operating and whisper quiet, allowing you to divide and protect the interior of your commercial space with a highly functional door. The Entrematic industrial doors from the Normstahl brand feature intelligent design for smoother and quieter operation. The improved hinge design allows for optimal hinge alignment, reducing unnecessary noise during operation. When opening and closing the door, hinges bend internally to allow for easier and low-noise operation.


4. Amarr Commercial Garage Doors

The Amarr commercial range includes a wide range of commercial garage doors which feature some of the most attractive and streamlined designs available. They are available in sectional and rolling designs, composed of aluminum, steel or with glass panels, the Amarr doors provide diverse variety. They also allow for quiet and smooth as silk operation with a layer of vinyl coasted insulation.

5. Janus International Model 3652 / 3652i

The Janus International Model 3652 / 3652i doors offer some of the strongest weather resistance in a versatile, and quieter to operate the commercial garage door. The nylon windlock offers easy installation while also ensuring quieter operation. This certified wind load rated roll up sheet door can also be operated push-up, hand chain and electric operations for greater versatility and ease of use.

To weigh up the benefits of the quietest commercial garage doors and make the right choice for you, talk to Frontier Pacific today for expert advice on quiet commercial door installation.