Overhead Door Repair

5 Ways to Diagnose Overhead Door Repair

Overhead doors are very useful and help to ensure the security of your commercial business, but sometimes there’s a need for overhead door repair. Use the following guidelines to review the state of your overhead doors and gauge whether they’re working properly or may require repair.

Power Check

One major cause of malfunction is due to the loss of power. When your garage door becomes unresponsive, it may be because power is not properly reaching the sensors. To see if this is the case, check if the LED lights are on. You may also want to check and see if the safety sensors and wall panels are receiving power. A good way to reset the system is to unplug the motor, check the circuit breaker, and plug the system in again.

Lock Check

When diagnosing your overhead door, check the lock. With a remote control, the lock/unlock feature can be easily toggled. The remote allows you to lock or unlock the remote so that you are the only one able to open or close the door. Check to see if this feature is working properly. If the lock is engaged, that may be the reason why the remote is unable to operate the door.

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Sensor Check

Your overhead garage door is designed to be sensitive whenever there are people or vehicles passing through. The door usually stops in order to execute this sensitivity function. However, safety sensors can become misaligned. If your door is receiving the false impression that something or someone is on the way of its path, the sensors may be misaligned. The safety sensor has two parts—the sending and receiving sensors. Ensure that the sensors are aligned properly and free from dust and debris.

Remote Check

Overhead garage doors are commonly controlled using a remote control. When the door doesn’t open, the problem may be located in the remote control. To check this, test the batteries and replace them. If the garage door still doesn’t work, clean your remote control, and make sure that the sensor is reaching your door. After a thorough check, you’ll know if the remote is part of the problem.

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Keypad Check

Along with your remote control, lock, and sensors, turn your attention to the keypad mounted to your wall. The keypad is battery powered, just like the remote control. If the batteries need to be replaced, the keypad and your door will stop working. Test your keypad batteries and replace them, if necessary.

Call a Professional

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