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Hollow Metal

Hollow metal doors and storefronts are known to provide outstanding value, strength, longevity and performance above other options in the door industry such as wood and fiberglass. Most commonly used for external access on a commercial building, hollow metal doors are available with reinforced steel, insulated and fire-rated options, so you get the strength and resilience you need for day-to-day access to your commercial buildings.

The protection of property and people has never been more important for businesses. Fire-rated hollow metal doors provide safety from fire and smoke and prevent the spread of fire throughout a building, while also functioning as normal doors. Frontier Pacific provide a range of fire door options to offer varying levels of thickness and protection, to meet your safety requirements and protect your business.

Frontier Pacific’s standard hollow metal doors are available in range of sizes, materials, gages, designs and cores to match your unique business needs. With both single and double doors available, you can choose the right access width for your business. Our storefront doors are also available with reinforced glass panels to allow natural light and sightlines while making your storefront more attractive and appealing. Frontier Pacific also offer hollow metal masonry frames and drywall frames for your commercial doors and storefronts, as well as frame components for your commercial building projects.

Hollow metal commercial doors

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